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Coaching and Mentoring

Professional and personal development occurs in stages. Harlan Peterson Partner's coaching and mentoring program provides honest feedback and creates a framework for lasting development. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Professional and personal development occurs in stages

Our clients' professionals are already good at what they do. We help them advance to the next level by focusing on how they do it. When our clients are committed to learning how to maximize their potential, HP2 is committed to getting them there.  

HP2 customized coaching and mentoring programs maximize performance and drive business results.  HP2 provides this support at all stages: young professionals, mid- level professionals, and senior partners and professionals.  

HP2 coaching professionals offer a unique blend of perspective: business owners who understand how to deliver business results and professionals with organizational development and master coaching expertise.

HP2 Approach to Coaching

The HP2 coaches recognize that motivation and readiness to change are largely drawn from within each of us and no amount of outside pressure can make lasting change happen. 

Within the context of a confidential professional setting, HP2 coaches guide clients through an individual self-assessment and 360 Feedback to help clarify personal and professional vision: raise self-awareness; identify strengths and challenges; and sharpen business development skills. End goal, think and act like a business owner.

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At times in our careers, we all could benefit from bouncing ideas around with a external colleague in a safe environment. 

HP2 recognizes that seasoned professionals need colleagues who have shared similar experiences. Our professional mentors provide feedback and personal experience to peers, from associates to senior professionals seeking to expand their development.

Our mentoring programs are customized in design to support our clients as they work through specific situations and opportunities.

Everybody talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that’s a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect.
— Rob Reiner

We find that most of the characteristics that differentiate the outstanding performers are these things that we call social and emotional competencies.
— Richard Boyatzis, 2008

Publications and Articles

  • Creating adaptive leaders and organizations: advantages of the new Kolb Learning Cycle and Styles Inventory as compared with the MBTI, 2014. Kay Peterson and Merryn Ruttledge.
    Accordingly, in this article, we first give an overview of MBTI, Myers-Briggs typology, KLSI 4.0, and the Learning Cycle. Next we give a more detailed explanation of KLSI 4.0 and the Learning Cycle and illustrate how we use the inventory and Cycle model. We then compare four features of MBTI and Myers-Briggs typology with KLSI 4.0 and the Learning Cycle in order to explain what we see as advantages of the latter.
  • Tailor Your Coaching to People’s Learning Styles in HBR Guide to Coaching Your Employees, 2013. David Kolb and Kay Peterson.
    Managers and coaches who use the Experiential Learning Cycle and Learning Styles to understand their own approach to coaching and to customize this approach to individual employees tee up success and build relationships. By tapping into an employee’s preferred style, managers and coaches can engage and motivate their employees to reach their goals more efficiently and effectively.
  • The Learning Compass: A Guide for Adult Development, 2014.
    All change involves learning, yet few people have ever considered how to learn. The Learning Compass is a model that allows individuals to define the process of learning from experience, to identify their own approach to learning and to become more flexible in their approach. In doing so, they are able to become consciously evolved human beings and mature leaders capable of meeting the daunting challenges they confront. Research shows that they are also happier, more balanced, resilient and highly integrated. The World Business Academy in association with Waterfront Digital Press



  • KLSI 4.0
  • ESCI 360
  • The Leadership Circle