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How We Do It

How We Do It

Through individual and team coaching, mentoring and training, Harlan Peterson Partners provides practical tools for professional and personal development.  

We recognize that change is not a one-step process. Our methods are research based and theory driven, not trendy one-off programs.  

Harlan Peterson Partners designs each of its programs based on the framework of Experiential Learning and Intentional Change. The HP2 framework is powerful for firms committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our clients are organizations that adapt to stay competitive.

HP2 Programs Will:

  • Build self-awareness, a competency that is linked to an increase in overall business effectiveness 

  • Build appreciation for diversity of opinion, approach and style- the key to successful teams, relationships and innovation

  • Build learning flexibility, a competency that is tied to engagement, happiness and an ability to manage complexity and conflict

  • Build skills for optimal performance in individuals who are “stuck” in repeating patterns 

  • Build effective teams, capable of exceptional decision-making, problem solving and knowledge generation that results in business success.


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“There was a time when I thought that brains were everything. That view has dimmed recently. I think brains are important, but now I also look for good team-builders, good communicators, courageous people who don’t get stuck with an idea. You need people who are more nimble, who have the ability to lead organizations in changing and tumultuous times comfortably, without panicking.
— Larry Bossidy, Retired Chairman & CEO Honeywell