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KLSI 4.0


KLSI 4.0

The Leading Code™ program begins with the KLSI 4.0 assessment to raise self-awareness.

This simple, on-line assessment is a powerful self-awareness tool that identifies nine individual Leading Styles™ and offers a framework for understanding your own strengths and challenges and those of others.

The nine styles are:  Experiencing, Imagining, Reflecting, Analyzing, Thinking, Deciding, Acting, Initiating and Balancing.

Understanding these different styles is a powerful way to help individuals, teams, and organizations: 

  • Effectively use self-awareness about personal Leading Style™ preferences and how to develop flexibility for performance improvement, learning and professional development
  • Develop a keen awareness of  our individual Leading Style™ to guide interactions with others and manage through challenging and changing situations
  • Appreciate how individual Leading Styles™ impact problem solving, teamwork, conflict creation and resolution, communication, innovation and project management
  • Create high performance teams and cultures that value the business case of diversity 

Bonus Coaching Session

We consistently find that the KLSI report has the most impact when combined with at least one coaching session with an HP2 coach. A 30-minute introductory coaching session, when combined with the KLSI, costs $325 (this price includes the KLSI 4.0 and your customized report). If you prefer to take the assessment without coaching, we can provide you a direct link to access your individual KLSI 4.0. Please just contact us at for pricing information.

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Order KLSI 4.0 Assessment

To order an individual KLSI 4.0, together with a 30-minute coaching session, please purchase below via PayPal. After your order has been processed, generally within one business day, you will receive an email message from Harlan Peterson. This email confirmation will require your response in order to activate a link to your individual and confidential online KLSI 4.0.