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Profile 360


The Profile 360º

The Profile 360º is an on line evaluation that provides feedback on your own assessment of your skills and the assessment of others about your abilities in a variety of different areas. 

The skills that are included in the Profile 360º will enhance your professional success and provide you with a clear path for development opportunities.

Based upon the Experiential Learning Theory developed by David A. Kolb these skill sets fall into four major categories:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Perceptual, information-gathering skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Behavioral skills


How is the Profile 360º used?

The Profile 360º compares how your own perceptions match those of the people around you in nine different categories.  The Profile 360º feedback provides a picture of your strengths and challenges and also identifies specific skills that you might develop as you prepare for your next role.  The Profile 360º results will expand your self-awareness and increase your effectiveness. 

The feedback from the Profile 360º provides a foundation to create a competitive advantage for you, your team and your organization.  

How are People Selected to Provide Feedback?

Because the Profile 360º is designed to solicit feedback from others in all areas of your life, you will be asked to select a broad group of people to provide feedback. Occasionally, your employer will also designate individuals to provide feedback. We call all of the people providing feedback your “raters”. 

You will be asked to identify a minimum of eight raters for the Profile 360º. Ideally you will select raters from all aspects of your life: colleagues, bosses, direct reports, clients, family and friends. You will be asked to nominate at least two raters from each category so that the feedback will remain anonymous.

Tips on choosing raters: The more raters, the more useful the feedback is.  You are encouraged to identify as many raters as possible up to a maximum of 30. It is to your advantage to select raters who you believe are likely to give you the most candid feedback. Avoid selecting raters who are likely to give you overly positive results – this feedback will not be as beneficial for your development.  

Confidentiality and anonymous candid feedback is always a priority at HP2. The responses and comments will be reported to you in the aggregate so as not to identify the individual who provided specific rating and comments. 

How long will the Profile 360º take to complete?

The Profile 360º is an online assessment with 40 questions that generally takes between 10 – 20 minutes to complete.  Our clients report that this is a major advantage since many other assessments can take raters over an hour to complete.  

What results will I receive from my Profile 360º?

You will receive a personalized feedback report that contains your self-assessment and a summary of your raters’ assessments. Raters’ assessments will be reported by category and in aggregate.   

Many participants will elect to further discuss the results of their Profile 360º by means of an individual coaching session with an experienced HP2 coach. We encourage you to have at least one coaching session, as it will help you interpret the Profile 360º results in a more meaningful way.  Coaches are specially trained to evaluate the data that is reported and to help you make sense of it in the context of your career development.

The Profile 360º and the personalized feedback report are organized around the capabilities and skills associated with the nine “styles” of the KLSI 4.0 assessment model developed by leading organizational development experts David and Alice Kolb. The nine KLSI Styles are: Initiating, Experiencing, Imagining, Reflecting, Analyzing, Thinking, Deciding, Acting and Balancing. If you have already taken the KLSI 4.0, you will be able to compare the results of this assessment to your original KLSI 4.0 Learning Flexibility report to see if you have expanded your learning flexibility. 

Do I need to take the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0 before I take the Profile 360º?

Although you are not required to take the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0 (KLSI 4.0) before the Profile 360º, it may make the feedback from this Profile 360º assessment easier to understand. If you would like to take the KLSI 4.0 please contact us at to learn more and to sign up to take the KLSI 4.0. 

Who else receives the results of my Profile 360º?

The Profile 360º process can be designed to be completely confidential; that is, only the participant sees his personal feedback report.  Occasionally your employer will ask to receive the anonymous results of your Profile 360º in order to support you in the execution of your professional development plan. If your employer has requested the results of your Profile 360º, you will know that in advance. We believe that transparency builds trust, so once the process begins, the rules will not change. 

How do I make the most of HP2 Coaching? 

The Profile 360º is designed to provide feedback that will raise your self-awareness and help you effectively realize your professional development objectives.  

We strongly advise you to review the results of your Profile 360º with one of our trained HP2 coaches. Your HP2 coach can help you mine the data that you receive and ask questions that will help you to make sense of the details of the report. HP2 coaches will facilitate your development plan to expand your comprehensive repertoire of key skills; then, support and challenge you as you execute your plan.